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21 June 2017
International Conference on Cooperative Compliance and certainty in tax law. A high-level panel of international and Italian speakers attending the event.

This international conference, promoted by the Courmayeur Mont Blanc and Centro nazionale di prevenzione e difesa sociale-CNPDS Foundations with the support of Ludovici Piccone & Partners, will take a holistic look at the tax risk management model given the Italian regulatory framework. More generally, the question of certainty in tax law will be explored, along with assessing if this is fundamental to how States compete to attract companies. Time will also be spent examining the challenges, including organisational ones, of tax administration as part of aiding a country’s development.
In addition to Paolo Ludovici and Giammarco Cottani, partners of the firm, speakers are:

  • ACHIM PROSS, Head of the International Co-operation and Tax Administration Division, OECD
  • MARCO ZONETTI, Head of Cooperative Compliance Department, Central Directorate for Tax Assessment, Italian Revenue Agency
  • PAOLO MONTALENTI, Professor of Business Law, University of Turin
  • ALBERTO ALESSANDRI, Professor of Criminal Law, Bocconi University Milan
  • VIERI CERIANI, Advisor on Fiscal Policies to Italy’s Minister of Economy and Finance; Chief Executive Officer, SOSE
  • ROBERTO RINALDI, Director General for Accounting and Controls, Bank of Italy
  • FABIO CERCHIAI, Chairman, Atlantia
  • PIETRO GUINDANI, Chairman, Vodafone Italia
  • GIANCARLO ALIBERTI, Equity Partner, Apax Partners
  • STEFANO CECCACCI, Head of Group Tax Affairs, Unicredit Group
  • ROBERTO MORO, Head of Fiscal Affairs, Telecom Italia
  • ZAHIRA QUATTROCCHI, Group Tax Director, Barilla Group
  • JEFFREY OWENS, Professor WU University of Vienna, former Director of OECD, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration
  • RAFFAELE RUSSO, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Economy and Finance
  • ROBERT STACK, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary (International Tax Affairs) at U.S. Department of Treasury
  • TIMOTHY M. MCDONALD, Vice President, Finance & Accounting, Global Taxes, The Procter & Gamble Company
  • JEAN-LOUIS GEYR, Senior Vice-President, Head of Group Tax, Nestlé



PROGRAMME –  23 and 24 June 2017, Courmayeur

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