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2 December 2016
Giammarco Cottani in the working team of the UN CIAT in support of Internal Revenue Services of Ecuador on transfer pricing issues

With the support of the UN and CIAT, the Internal Revenue Service of Ecuador is committed to strengthening control over abusive manipulation of transfer prices

From November 28 to December 1, 2016, the technical assistance works in the scope of transfer pricing control, agreed with the IRS of Ecuador under the UN-CIAT Cooperation Program, have initiated at the SRI headquarters in Quito.
In the framework of this technical assistance, risk management processes were evaluated and recommendations were provided on how to optimize them for the purpose of selecting transfer pricing cases. Likewise, the current sanction system was evaluated, with a view to elaborating a proposal that further encourages compliance with the transfer pricing regime.
In addition, the UN-CIAT Program team held a meeting with the Director of SRI, Mr. Leonardo Orlando and senior officials of the institution, with the purpose of validating proposals and moving forward with the development and implementation of proposals, which will be strengthened with resources from the GIZ-CIAT Program.
The Working team of the UN-CIAT Cooperation Program was formed by Irving Ojeda (UN), Gonzalo Arias (CIAT), Gianmarco Cottani (Expert), José Madariaga (Expert) and Carlos Pérez Gomez (SAT Mexico).
During 2016, the Program has provided officials from Quito and Guayaquil with four training sessions on the selection and control of taxpayers showing risks of transfer pricing manipulations.

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